Shipping and Delivery Times

We show below the approximate time for processing and shipping orders and freight established according to the destinations:

According to the payment method and the type of product selected, we will proceed to the handling, packaging and shipping of your order, in the approximate times indicated below, considering our schedule processing from Monday to Friday since 10:00h till 13:00h (GMT + 1), except holiday periods and local calendar holidays. 

If you have selected payment by bank transfer, the processing begins when PL Online has the confirmation of the same, being essential in all cases complete the full payment of all ordered goods, as well as any shipping costs and/or collection management expenses, if any. 

The products of a same order are shipped together, unless for reasons of a possible delay in production/provision, any of the products ordered could not be delivered on time or should definitely canceled. If you want to make purchases for delivery in different destinations, you should make separate orders for each. 

PL Online manages shipments through different transport companies, according to the requested destination, only in our scope of coverage; when proceeding to send your order, you will receive an email with information for tracking details. When the carrier delivers your order, you must check that arrives in perfect packaging, if you detect any damage or incident on the same you must indispensably reflected it in the receipt document. 

You should also check that product s received comply with your request. For any disagreement or problem, you must contact us no later than 2 working days from receipt of the order through CONTACT form in inferior menu, or sending us an email to: from your registered email address, specifying in the matter: INCIDENCE ORDER Nº...... and explaining us all details about the same, for being able to contact you and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. 

For security reasons, once the order has been confirmed, it is not allowed to make any change in shipping address. For the same reasons, we will not deliver any orders to P. O. boxes or military bases, nor will any order be accepted if the recipient and/or the address cannot be identified. It is important to pay attention to fill in all details of delivery address of your orders, because PL Online will not be liable if the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete.  

For some special campaigns, we can establish a promotions affecting freight, reducing or completely eliminating delivery fees exceptionally. However, any promotional discount on delivery fees will be lost by the customer if some product or the full order affected by mentioned promotion, is after returned for reasons beyond to PL Online In these cases, users must assume original costs set in the above table depending on delivery destination. 

PL Online reserves the right to modify when it deems any of the aspects of shipping, either regarding their coverage, delivery times or freights, so we recommend you regularly visit this section to have updated information about sending your orders. 

- Possible incidents in the delivery: 

If exceeded the approximate delivery time of your order counting from our shipment confirmation, you had not received the package, please inform us through the CONTACT form in inferior menu, or sending us an email to: from your registered email address, specifying in the matter: DELAY IN DELIVERY. 

If you receive your order with damage on the outer packaging which could have affected to the content, you must indispensably annotate this incidence in the reception document of the transport company, and immediately you must inform us about such incidence. 

If delivery is impossible because the user had made a mistake or failure in completing delivery details, or by the absence of recipient, we will use the telephone contact number you've provided us, by our staff or by the staff of the transport company that is carrying your order, for trying to arrange a new delivery date. If within 10 calendar days from the first delivery attempt, we have not a reply from customer and the order cannot be delivered, items will be returned. The costs that may arise because of the failed attempts of delivery or storage of parcels by the absence of the recipient, as well as those that might result in case of return of goods for being undeliverable, will in any case borne by the customer who has completed the order, whether or not the recipient of the same.


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