We invite you to review the LEGAL TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS (hereinafter T&C) governing the offer, sale, purchase acceptance and delivery of PACO LOBO products through the online store included on this website, designed to protect your rights as a customer and our rights as owners and managers of this online store.

    These T&C regulate the use of this website, hosted under the domain as well as any other one that may be determined, and contain the conditions of the contract that binds both of us, you as visitant and/or user in our online store (hereinafter “user” “you” “your”) and us (hereinafter “PL Online” “us” “we” “our”), regarding browsing our website, acquiring the condition of user, the rights and responsibilities associated with said condition, as well as the commercial transactions and usage of services included in the same.

    By using this website, you are bound to these T&C, our Privacy Policy and Legal Notice, so we recommend that you read carefully everything. If you do not agree with these conditions you must leave this website.

    For certain campaigns or promotions may apply additional Terms and Conditions. If you would like to participate in such campaigns or promotions, you must also accept the Terms and Conditions applicable to them.

    These T&C, as well as the texts and information contained in this online shop are available in Spanish and English; in case of any discrepancy or difference, will always prevail the content of the original wording in Spanish.

    PL Online reserves the right to rectify, modify and/or replace, in whole or in part this website, including product offerings, pricing, presentation and / or any other information and / or materials contained therein, as well as the present T&C, at any time, without advanced notice, so you should read the T&C before placing each order.

    Our store PL Online offers the products solely to end users who acquire goods with no intentions of reselling them. The “end user” is any individual or legal entity that acts on PL Online for purposes different from those corresponding to the commercial, business or professional activities normally undertaken. PL Online reserves the right not to fulfill orders made by entities different from the end user. Only end users who have registered in compliance with these T&C may acquire the goods and services sold through this website.

    For any questions or suggestions, please send us your comments through the CONTACT area in the menu or by e-mail to:

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    All intellectual and industrial property rights as well as the contents of this online store and the web domain, belong to Natalia Arroyo García or are used with consent of the relevant rights holders. Natalia Arroyo García, owner of this online store, with ID number 07489729D and headquartered at Travesía del Reloj número nº 3 - 3º A, 28013 Madrid, Spain, sells directly the products offered in PL Online under the license granted by the owner of this brand and its domain for selling his products through this website.

    Accessing this website or using their services does not give the users or visitors any right or ownership whatsoever to the intellectual or industrial property of content provided. users and visitors who access this online store may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, decompile, publish, transfer nor sell any of the above mentioned elements, neither create new products or services derived from information here obtained, without the prior express authorization in writing of PL Online, being strictly prohibited any alteration of the content or structure of this website and any modification, decompilation or commercial use of the whole or a part of any contents of the same by the user or visitor. Use of the contents of this website is only authorized on a personal level for the information and service purposes referred to in these T&C, and the user or visitor is solely responsible for the misuse of them.

    PL Online reserves the right to take any pertinent legal actions against those users who violate or infringe the intellectual and/or industrial property rights here referred to.

    Whether user or visitor detect any suspect activity that infringe any Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or any other rights, please notify us via the following e-mail address:

    The information contained in this website is accurate at the date of the last update. PL Online reserves the right to modify the contents of this website without notice, as well as to limit or block access to this website for maintenance, upgrade processes or security reasons.

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    PL Online reserves the right to block electronic links redirected to this website that do not have prior authorization.

    In the event that this website contains links to other websites or resources operated by third parties, PL Online does not assume any responsibility for the content or accuracy of such external websites nor for the availability of such external sites or resources and does not endorse or responsible, directly or indirectly, for the privacy practices or the content of such websites, or for damages, losses or breaches caused or allegedly caused by the use or in connection with the use or reliance on such content, goods or services available on such external websites or resources.

    PL Online will immediately remove any link the moment it becomes aware, by any means, of any illegal and proved content or information about any possible damage by it to the goods or rights of a third party.

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    Only persons of legal age and with full legal capacity to take binding contracts and accept the present T&C can acquire the status of a Registered user in this online store. The acquisition of the status of registered user involves reading and express acceptance of these T&C without any reservation, expressing his acceptance prior knowledge.

    The user registration is an essential requirement in our online store to manage your purchases. This requirement allow you to access MY ACCOUNT section, in which you can review your orders, set lists with your favorite articles, access special campaigns and view your purchases' history.

    For registration the user is required to provide properly some personal data that have to be truthful, current and accurate. In providing this personal information, user consents us to use it for commercial purposes contemplated in these T&C under our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing, whose acceptance you will be asked by computer resources provided by our system.

    By placing an order, you expressly authorize us to perform a verification about personal information you provided us, when PL Online deem it necessary, and to communicate or obtain information from third parties, including any updated information about you and, if necessary, of your card number credit to validate it, to obtain the initial authorization of the same and to authorize the purchase if that were the chosen payment method.

    The acquisition of such registered user condition involves reading and express acceptance without reservation of all conditions contained in these T&C, pledging to make proper use of the services included in our online store, always in accordance with the legal provisions about it and not carrying out any activity that could interfere with the operation of this website.

    The user name and the password generated, which allow the user to identify and use the services of PL Online, are strictly personal and confidential. The user is responsible for their safekeeping and undertakes to adopt the necessary security measures, both personal and material, to protect the confidentiality of the same. Consequently, as user you expressly agree that from PL Online we assume that any use of our services by using your identification keys is executed by you as holder, unless we had a prior statement reliably from you, about the loss or theft of the same.

    If as a result of inaction or improper action by the registered user in the custody of its codes, a third person made use of them in our online store, the user expressly agrees to defend us and exempt us from all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages or losses, including legal fees arising as a result of such an incident for this reason outside our responsibility.

    You could freely change your password following the procedures that we have put in place for that purpose. The replaced password will be cancelled as a means of identification as soon as you generate the new one.

    We will adopt the organizational and technical measures necessary on our computer equipment to ensure proper usage of the service by the users and prevent any unauthorized access that seeks unauthorized disclosure of the user’s financial information content which is accessible through the Service. We may block access and use of the website as we deem necessary for safety reasons. The Service will be blocked automatically following three successive errors in entering the user access or usage codes.

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    - Use the Services included on this website properly, always in compliance with applicable law, and refrain from conducting any activity that hinders or interferes with the functionality of them.

    - By browsing our online store, as a visitor or as a registered user, you're subject to these T&C. If you do not agree with them you must leave this site immediately.

    - The data provided for acquiring the status of a registered user on our online store, must be true, current and accurate. When a user wants to register, is obligated to provide his/her required personal details truthfully and faithfully, and aware that we may use this information to contact him/her if necessary. If he/she does not provide all of the information, we will not be able to process theirs orders; if the information is inaccurate or incomplete, PL Online will not be liable under any circumstances for possible delays or failures in delivery as a result of such errors or omissions by the users.

    - To register as user and make orders in this online store, are indispensable to be over 18 years and being legally authorized to enter into binding contracts, so you are ensuring us both requirements when you perform any of these procedures on our website.

    - Users may not place fraudulent, false or speculative orders. PL Online reserves the right to cancel the order and/or inform the pertinent authorities if we have reason to believe that to be the case.

    - Users must comply with their payment obligations towards PL Online about all purchases contracted in this website, as well as any shipping and handling costs that may apply.

    - Take the necessary security precautions, both personal and material, to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password, as well as to notify PL Online immediately in the event of loss, misplacement, theft, robbery or illegitimate access to your username, as well as knowledge of it by third parties.

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    Conforme a lo dispuesto en el Reglamento (UE) 2016/679 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 27 de abril de 2016, relativo a la protección de las personas físicas en lo que respecta al tratamiento de datos personales y a la libre circulación de los mismos,

    informamos a los usuarios de este sitio Web (en adelante PL Online) que los datos personales que nos faciliten para registrarse mediante la cumplimentación de nuestros formularios, en sus comunicaciones con PL Online durante el proceso de compra, al suscribirse a nuestros boletines (newsletters) o al solicitar información a través de nuestros formularios de contacto, se incluyen en ficheros automatizados específicos para Usuarios de los servicios de esta tienda online. Al proporcionarnos sus datos personales, los usuarios de PL Online nos consienten expresamente mediante el mecanismo habilitado a tal efecto, para el tratamiento de dichos datos bajo los términos establecidos en la presente Política de Privacidad, lo que constituirá la base legal para su tratamiento.

    PL Online se reserva el derecho de rectificar, actualizar, modificar y/o reemplazar en totalidad o en parte la presente Política de Privacidad, por lo que sugerimos la consultes de forma periódica.

    Responsable del Tratamiento de tus datos personales y Delegado:

    Natalia Arroyo García

    N.I.F.: 7489729D

    Dirección fiscal: Travesía Del Reloj, 3, C.P. 28013 - Madrid (Madrid)

    Teléfono: 34-915630429

    Correo electrónico:

    Información que recopilamos:

    PL Online solicitará a los usuarios a través de sus formularios aquellos datos necesarios para poder mantener la relación comercial y el desempeño de tareas de información y actividades propias de la tienda PL Online. Estos datos únicamente serán cedidos a aquellas Entidades que sean necesarias con el único objetivo de dar cumplimiento a la finalidad anteriormente expuesta. Además, PL Online recopila toda la información relativa a la navegación de los usuarios en nuestro sitio web e interacción con nuestros productos. El hecho de no facilitar cierta información señalada como obligatoria, puede conllevar que no sea posible gestionar su registro como usuario, o el uso de determinadas funcionalidades o servicios de nuestra tienda online.

    Al facilitarnos la información, los usuarios garantizan que su identidad y demás datos aportados, son verdaderos, exactos y completos, en el momento en que nos los proporcionan, y se comprometen a mantenerlos actualizados. Para completar el registro, proporcionaremos un link con la Política de Privacidad y un botón de consentimiento para la recogida de sus datos personales. 

    Una vez registrados en PL Online, los usuarios podrán efectuar compras en nuestra tienda virtual y acceder a las funcionalidades disponibles en el apartado “MI CUENTA”. Cada vez que accedan a dichas funcionalidades, con sólo introducir su correos electrónico y contraseña, nuestro sistema reconocerá sus datos, agilizando y facilitando la experiencia de navegación en nuestra tienda online.

    Natalia Arroyo García, como responsable del tratamiento de los datos personales facilitados a PL Online, adopta las medidas técnicas y organizativas necesarias para garantizar la seguridad, integridad y confidencialidad de los mismos conforme a lo dispuesto en el Reglamento (UE) 2016/679 del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 27 de abril de 2016, relativo a la protección de las personas físicas en lo que respecta al tratamiento de datos personales y a la libre circulación de los mismos.

    Como usuario podrás en cualquier momento ejercitar tus derechos de acceso, oposición, rectificación, cancelación, limitación y portabilidad reconocidos en el citado Reglamento (UE). El ejercicio de estos derechos puedes realizarlo a través del correo electrónico: o a la dirección fiscal: Travesía Del Reloj, 3, C.P. 28013 - Madrid (Madrid).

    Finalidad del tratamiento de tus datos personales:

    Conforme a la legislación vigente, te informamos que los datos personales que voluntariamente facilitas en PL Online, se recopilan atendiendo a las siguientes finalidades: 

    - Tramitar tu alta como Usuario registrado en nuestra Plataforma

    - Desarrollar, cumplir y ejecutar el contrato de compraventa celebrado al adquirir productos en PL Online

    - Informar, tramitar y gestionar el envío de los pedidos realizados (y eventuales devoluciones)

    - Contactar con los usuarios a través de correo electrónico, llamadas telefónicas, envío de SMS u otros medios de comunicación electrónicos equivalentes, en relación a comunicaciones informativas relacionadas con las funcionalidades, productos o servicios contratados o actualizaciones, incluidas las de seguridad de la Plataforma, siempre que sea necesario o razonable para su ejecución.

    - Atender y dar seguimiento a las consultas y solicitudes que nos dirijan a través de nuestros formularios o datos de contacto ofrecidos.

    - Remitir boletines (newsletters), así como información y comunicaciones comerciales sobre los productos comercializados en PL Online, incluyendo, el envío de futuras ofertas comerciales y publicitarias por cualquier canal de comunicación facilitado. Te recordamos que puedes oponerte al envío de estas comunicaciones comerciales por cualquier vía y en cualquier momento, remitiendo un correo electrónico a la dirección anteriormente indicada.

    - Proporcionar información sobre los productos comercializados en PL Online, incluyendo, el envío de futuras ofertas comerciales y publicitarias por cualquier canal de comunicación facilitado

    - Elaborar perfiles de usuarios, realizar estudios de mercado y estadísticas de nuestros productos

    - Prevención de abusos y fraudes (actividades fraudulentas, ataques de denegación de servicios, entre otros)

    - Cesión de datos a organismos y autoridades públicas (administrativas o judiciales), siempre y cuando sean requeridos de conformidad con las disposiciones legales y reglamentarias.

    Plazo de conservación de los datos:

    Los datos personales facilitados se conservarán mientras se mantenga la relación mercantil o aquella que originó el tratamiento. Si el Usuario decide cancelar sus datos personales, estos se conservarán en nuestras bases de datos durante los plazos previstos por la legislación para poder cumplir con las obligaciones fiscales y contables, y serán eliminados una vez hayan prescrito dichos plazos legales o aquellos que sean de aplicación.


    La base legal para el tratamiento de datos personales de los clientes registrados, es la relación contractual establecida al haber adquirido productos en PL Online y el cumplimiento de las obligaciones mercantiles, fiscales y contables.

    La comunicación de ofertas y promociones, el envío de publicidad por cualquier medio de comunicación, así como la elaboración de perfiles y la cesión de datos personales a terceros, están basados en el consentimiento expreso que se solicite. 

    Comunicación a terceros:

    Tus datos personales no serán cedidos a ningún tercero, excepto a aquellos terceros cuya intervención sea necesaria para la correcta gestión de la prestación del servicio (transportistas, empresas de mensajería, entidades financieras, etc.). En todos los casos, los datos que se facilitan son los estrictamente necesarios para la actividad concreta que se vaya a realizar.

    Además, tus datos también podrán ser cedidos a Organismos y autoridades públicas (administrativas o judiciales) en aquellos casos en los que una norma legal así lo establezca. 

    PL Online no vende en ningún caso datos de sus clientes a terceros.

    Derechos de los usuarios en relación con los datos personales facilitados:

    Los usuarios podrán ejercer sus derechos de acceso, rectificación, supresión y oposición, así como la limitación y portabilidad de sus datos en cumplimiento con lo establecido en la normativa vigente de protección de datos. El ejercicio de estos derechos deberá realizarse mediante comunicación por escrito firmada por el titular de los datos, con indicación de su domicilio, adjuntando copia de su Documento Nacional de Identidad u otro documento acreditativo, dirigiéndose a Natalia Arroyo García a través del correo electrónico:, o enviando comunicación escrita a la dirección postal: Travesía del Reloj, 3 – C.P. 28013, y retirar su consentimiento sin que ello afecte a la licitud del tratamiento de sus datos personales con otras finalidades.

    PL Online informa a sus usuarios de la posibilidad que tienen de presentar una reclamación ante la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos en caso de que entiendan que no se ha obtenido una correcta asistencia en el ejercicio de sus derechos citados en el presente apartado.

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    The present cookies policy is a part of the privacy policy.

    Cookies are a tools used by web servers to store and retrieve information on their visitors. A cookie is a small and unique identifier text file that some servers sent to the user device in order to register information about navigation, for optimizing it and enabling it to improve the quality and security of the website. They have an expiry date, which may vary from the time the session lasts until a specific time in the future, from which point they stop being operational.

    - Usefulness of cookies in this website:

    They collect anonymous information about how many times a user visits the site, calculate the start of the session and whether it should be kept open, they record the origin of the visits and other similar statistics, to obtain greater efficiency and personalization of the services offered to users.

    - Types of cookies used in this website:

    Owned cookies: These are cookies which are essential for the running of our website.

    Viewed_cookie_policy: Cookies for internal use only required for the cookies policy display on the website. It indicates that privacy and cookies policy advice have been shown. By continuing the navigation, we automatically obtain the acceptance and it is not necessary for you to click the accept button. It expires in a year from the creation or re-establishment.

    Third party cookies: As for example, the ones used for identification or for external content complements like Google:

    ▫ _utma Google Analytics’ cookie which allow us to know the exact number of unique visitors who visit our website. It expires two years from the creation date.

    ▫ _utmb Google Analytics’ cookie which allow us to know the number of times a unique visitor (a specific browser on a specific computer) visit our website. It is used with _utmc cookie (described below). It expires 30 minutes from the creation or re-establishment.

    ▫ _utmc Google Analytics’ cookie which allow us to know the number of times a unique visitor (a specific browser on a specific computer) visit our website. It is used with _utmb cookie (described above). It expires once you close your browser.

    ▫ _utmz Google Analytics’ cookie which allow us to determine in which webpage a visitor was immediately before visiting ours. This allow us to evaluate the efficiency of the links to help users reach an information they are looking for. It expires in 6 months from the creation or re-establishment. 

    - Disabling and deletion of cookies: 

    You can, at any time, restrict, block or erase cookies from this website. To do so you need to modify the configuration of your web browser regarding the use of cookies policy, through the menu “Options”, Preferences” or “Tools” (the name of the menu or the procedure to access the cookies configuration options may vary depending on your web browser). For more information regarding cookies configuration check the “Help” menu in your web browser. Unless you have adjusted the settings of your browser to refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when you log on to our website, considering your tacit acceptance thereof if you do not reject or modify the configuration of your browser to do so. 

    If you reject the cookies installation, you may still use the website, although the use of some of its services may be limited and therefore your experience in our website may be less satisfactory.

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    As required by applicable regulations, some of the notifications or information that we send you must be in writing, so we will use the information you provide for this purpose, especially your email address since this will be the most common contact way, in addition to the general or personalized notices that we could include in our website and occasionally by letters sent to the postal address you have provided.

    Therefore, by providing your information, you agree that we use these electronic communication mediums and you are accepting that any contract, notification, information or any other communication that we send to you electronically are complying with the legal requirements of being in writing. This condition shall not affect your rights as allowed by law.

    It will be understood that our notifications have been done and have been correctly received at the same moment they are posted on our website, 24 hours after an email sent to the address given by user, or four days after the postage of any letter to his address. We will not be responsible if, due to any change in the user's contact information that was not communicated to us in a reliable way, such user could not receive on time our notices, whose contents will be equally valid to be applicable.

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    The content of our website is an invitation to do business. Until your order has been accepted by us, even if the amount has been paid, there is no contract between you and PL Online. If your order is not accepted and we have charged the amount in your account, we will be reimbursed in its entirety.

    After completing your purchase, you will receive a receipt confirmation by email. This does not imply that your order has been accepted, since it is just the confirmation that we have received an offer your proposal to us for a purchase. The orders are subject to our verification and acceptance. We will confirm acceptance by sending you an email informing you that the order is being delivered (Delivery Confirmation). Only in that moment the Contract between you and PL Online shall be formalized.

    Only the PL Online products listed in a Delivery Confirmation document, shall be covered by the contract. We are not obligated to supply you any other products that you may have ordered until we include them in a Delivery Confirmation.

    PL Online may abstain from processing orders that do not offer sufficient solvency guarantees, or that are incomplete or incorrect or if the PL Online products are unavailable for any reason, with no liability assumed with you nor with others. In any case, we are committed to keeping you informed, and if we have already charged the amount of the order, we will reimburse the amount paid in advance.

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    - Cancelation:

    Orders placed in PL Online can be canceled within 24 hours of placing the order by sending us an email to: from your registered email, specifying in the subject: ORDER CANCELLATION and indicating in the message all details of the order and if cancellation is partial or total, to determine the amount that we would have to refund if you had already paid in advance.

    - Withdrawal of Contract:

    If you want to withdraw from the contract, you will have a period of 30 calendar days from the date of the order, and you must notify in writing to the email: from your registered email, specifying in the subject: WITHDRAWAL OF CONTRACT and indicating in the message all details of the order and if return is partial or total, to determine the amount that we would have to refund if you had already paid in advance.

    If rescission is through no fault of PL Online, shipping costs will not be returned; if in the affected order had been applied in origin any special promotion concerning shipping costs, the total or partial rescission of the order would involve the loss of such promotion and customer may assume the basic costs by destination, as stated in the 13th paragraph: SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES.

    The return of products by right of withdrawal, may only be apply to those products ordered in our store under condition in stock, and only if they are returned in the same condition in which they were delivered, along with their original and complete packaging, with labels, with accessories related thereto and accompanied by the required documentation as set out in the requirements of paragraph 15 of these T&C: RETURNS AND EXCHANGE POLICY.

    Once received returned products, we will fully examined them, to determine if they are in the same condition as were sent. You, the customer, will be liable for any possible diminished value of the products if deemed to have been used beyond opening or as a result of a unnecessary manipulation. If items are returned damaged, incomplete, worn, used, stained or impaired due a deficient packing for returning them by the customer, they will not be refunded and will be available for the sender for sending back “freight collect”.

    To exercise your right of withdrawal, please see our RETURNS AND EXCHANGE POLICY.

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    PL Online aims to display the products as closely as possible to the to reality. However, colors may be subject to variations depending on the device, lights and configuration of each screen, monitor, or other factors beyond our control, for this reason PL Online cannot guarantee that the colors shown on your monitor are an exact reproduction of the original.

    Being products of handmade manufacturing, they may have very slight variations between them. It is also important to note that, as in many cases the basic material of our products is the leather and due its naturally origin, there may be subtle differences in texture or grain of the same, and in the shades of color if they come from various tanning processes.

    - Availability:

    Most of the products of this online store are subject to a storage program, that occasionally may be exceeded for demand, causing a temporary lack of some items.

    Customers accept that products offered by PL Online in this website are subject to stocks limits. All orders about PACO LOBO products are subject to availability of them. If any product is not available once you have placed an order, we will inform you as soon as possible. At that time, you can modify or cancel your order; if there is any difference of amount in your favor by changing your order, or by cancellation thereof, we will proceed to reimburse the corresponding amount if you had anticipated it.

    - Product offer:

    PL Online reserves the right to modify the products offered on the website at anytime without prior notice, being able to add or remove products, to change presentation in terms of size, materials, colorful or selling prices if necessary.

    Special offers, promotions and discounts will be valid until the date indicated or until there are no more items in stock.

    - Limit in purchase quantities by product:

    In our online store there is a maximum of items that can be bought by each model; This limit can vary and is usually related to stock control.

    On the other hand, we accept a maximum of three orders in process by a user.

    If you want to ask us about some possible exception about these limitations, please don’t hesitate to do it through CONTACT form in the menu, or by email to: and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

    - Warranty:

    All items sold in our website are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase thereof, for manufacturing defects. If such circumstances occur items will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This warranty does not cover any damage in the products caused by misuse.

    To exercise your warranty claim, you will have to contact us, either through the CONTACT form of lower menu or by email to: from your registered mail, being essential to provide the documents of purchase and payment made in our online store, so we recommend you retain them. For the return of items by manufacturing defect, you must follow the instructions set out in section RETURNS AND EXCHANGE POLICY of these T&C.

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    Products offered in this online store can currently be sent to:

    SPAIN - Only Peninsula and the Balearic Islands (Excluding by the moment Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

    EUROPE - Germany (except Heligoland and the city of Büsingen), Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland ), Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland (except Aland Islands), France (mainland only, excluding overseas departments), Greece (except Mount Athos), Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (except San Marino, Livigno, Campione and Italian waters of Lake Lugano), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Poland, Portugal (mainland only), United Kingdom (except Channel Islands and Gibraltar), Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden and Switzerland.

    NORTH AMERICA - United States: by the moment only to the cities of Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, and Canada: By the moment only to the cities of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

    ASIA - Japan: By the moment only to the cities of Tokyo and Osaka, China: By the moment only to Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong), and Singapore.

    In the future we intend to expand our scope to more cities and countries. Until then, whether someone requests a delivery located outside of above mentioned areas, we regret but the order will be rejected during processing.

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    We show below the approximate time for processing and shipping orders and freight established according to the destinations:

According to the payment method and the type of product selected, we will proceed to the handling, packaging and shipping of your order, in the approximate times indicated below, considering our schedule processing from Monday to Friday since 10:00h till 13:00h (GMT + 1), except holiday periods and local calendar holidays. 

If you have selected payment by bank transfer, the processing begins when PL Online has the confirmation of the same, being essential in all cases complete the full payment of all ordered goods, as well as any shipping costs and/or collection management expenses, if any. 

The products of a same order are shipped together, unless for reasons of a possible delay in production/provision, any of the products ordered could not be delivered on time or should definitely canceled. If you want to make purchases for delivery in different destinations, you should make separate orders for each. 

PL Online manages shipments through different transport companies, according to the requested destination, only in our scope of coverage; when proceeding to send your order, you will receive an email with information for tracking details. When the carrier delivers your order, you must check that arrives in perfect packaging, if you detect any damage or incident on the same you must indispensably reflected it in the receipt document. 

You should also check that product s received comply with your request. For any disagreement or problem, you must contact us no later than 2 working days from receipt of the order through CONTACT form in inferior menu, or sending us an email to: from your registered email address, specifying in the matter: INCIDENCE ORDER Nº...... and explaining us all details about the same, for being able to contact you and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. 

For security reasons, once the order has been confirmed, it is not allowed to make any change in shipping address. For the same reasons, we will not deliver any orders to P. O. boxes or military bases, nor will any order be accepted if the recipient and/or the address cannot be identified. It is important to pay attention to fill in all details of delivery address of your orders, because PL Online will not be liable if the delivery address is incorrect or incomplete.  

For some special campaigns, we can establish a promotions affecting freight, reducing or completely eliminating delivery fees exceptionally. However, any promotional discount on delivery fees will be lost by the customer if some product or the full order affected by mentioned promotion, is after returned for reasons beyond to PL Online In these cases, users must assume original costs set in the above table depending on delivery destination. 

PL Online reserves the right to modify when it deems any of the aspects of shipping, either regarding their coverage, delivery times or freights, so we recommend you regularly visit this section to have updated information about sending your orders. 

- Possible incidents in the delivery: 

If exceeded the approximate delivery time of your order counting from our shipment confirmation, you had not received the package, please inform us through the CONTACT form in inferior menu, or sending us an email to: from your registered email address, specifying in the matter: DELAY IN DELIVERY. 

If you receive your order with damage on the outer packaging which could have affected to the content, you must indispensably annotate this incidence in the reception document of the transport company, and immediately you must inform us about such incidence. 

If delivery is impossible because the user had made a mistake or failure in completing delivery details, or by the absence of recipient, we will use the telephone contact number you've provided us, by our staff or by the staff of the transport company that is carrying your order, for trying to arrange a new delivery date. If within 10 calendar days from the first delivery attempt, we have not a reply from customer and the order cannot be delivered, items will be returned. The costs that may arise because of the failed attempts of delivery or storage of parcels by the absence of the recipient, as well as those that might result in case of return of goods for being undeliverable, will in any case borne by the customer who has completed the order, whether or not the recipient of the same.


Users takes ownership of the products bought in PL Online as soon as they receive the shipping confirmation and the products leaves from our warehouses. Therefore the product travels at the risk of the recipient, regardless of whether PL Online has managed the shipment with adding costs of the same in customer's invoice, or assuming those costs for promotional reasons. Liability for the PL Online products is transferred to the user as soon as the order is delivered.

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To make any of these procedures,

 it is essential to comply with all the steps and requirements contained in this section, so we recommend you to read it carefully. 

If you are not satisfied upon receipt of your order and you want to make a change or return, you have a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the date of receipt thereof to manage them. 

First of all you must contact us by email to: from your registered mail, with the subject: EXCHANGE / RETURN, detailing in your message the causes or circumstances; we will answer you attaching our Return Authorization document, that you must indispensably include in the return shipping, with the following documentation: 

. Copy of Delivery Note of the correspondent order /Receipt about such purchase made in our store 

- Return/Exchange causes: 

If return is required to have received a wrong order or a defective product, please get in immediate contact with us, within 48 hours from receipt of order, following above indications, detailing clearly the error or defect. In this case our transport company will collect the package at the same address where it was delivered. Upon receipt thereof, we will proceed to carefully examine the returned product and will notify you by e-mail, within a reasonable time, whether your return proceed and if we have availability to replace such product/-s, or if not, to manage the reimbursement to you. Any of these actions will be held as soon as possible and in any event within 10 working days (excluding holiday periods announced) from the date of the e-mail that we sent you confirming the procedure of return, reimbursement or replacement that corresponds to your nonconforming products. If we should make a reimbursement it will be held by the same means it was made prior payment (for reimbursement of amounts transferred, we will ask the bank account in the name of the same holder who made the payment) and always to the holder of such order and payment, even if receptors of products were different. If the returned product comprises the entire order received, besides to reimburse the returned product/-s, we will also reimburse the previous transportation costs if they were paid by the client, but if the returned item is part of a shipment with more products that are not returned, we will only reimburse the value of that/those item/-s returned/-s, but not the costs of previous transport, as these were set for such joint delivery. 

If you request the return or change for different reasons not attributable to PL Online, you will be responsible for the management and cost of return shipping to our address: Obertura Street, nº 2 - local, 28011 Madrid, Spain, in our schedule set from 10:00 to 14: 00h Monday through Friday (work-days) in our local time. We will not be responsible for lost, delayed or delivery in wrong address of any product you want to return us, so we suggest you make the shipment according to all details contained in this section and by a system that guarantees delivery in our mentioned address with acknowledgment. If product you want return or change for reasons not attributable to PL Online, was delivered to you in origin favored with a promotion of free shipping, due the return, you will lose that promotion and thus you will must also assume the costs of the initial shipment which will be deducted from the amount to reimburse you for the products, if applicable, considering the costs set out in section SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES of these T&C. 

- Essential requirements for returns regardless of the causes: 

▫ We only accept the return of PACO LOBO items that have been purchased in our online store. 

▫ The deadline for the admission of a refund is 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order. Within this period the product will have to be received at the address: Obertura Street, nº 2 - local, 28011 Madrid, Spain. If through no fault of management of PL Online the product is received after the aforementioned deadline for returns, whatever their causes, the return will not be admitted. 

▫ The product must be accompanied indispensably of both documents mentioned above: our Return Authorization (you will receive it via email in answer to your communication about intention of return), the copy of Delivery Note of the correspondent order or receipt about such purchase made in our store. 

▫ The product must be returned in the same condition the customer received it, perfectly new, without being used, with the complete original packaging in perfect condition and with their labels and any accessories related thereto. 

▫ Regardless of the causes for the return, product/-s, must be sent perfectly packaged, with enough protection to ensure their return in good condition. 

▫ Products of a same order affected by any cause that motivates their return, should be sent together. We reserve the right not to accept the return of products that, belonging to a same order, were returned at different times. 

▫ We will not accept returns of any products that might be received damaged, incomplete, battered, used or dirty because of the customer, not assuming in these cases to make any reimbursement; such products will be made available to the sender who should arrange its collection. 

▫ We will not accept, in any case, shipments to our address, with freight at our expense, that we have not directly managed through our agency and we will not be liable for any refund about returns made in a different way than expressed in this section of Returns and Exchange Policy. 

We insist on the importance of reading carefully and completely this section, because if your return of products does not meet the stipulated terms, you have no right to any refund amount and the products will be at your disposal for you arrange picked up. 

All rights recognized by the applicable legislation are reserved. 

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PL Online accepts two methods of payment available or not according to the Country of destination. All of them will be processed in the currency established for our prices, that is, in Euros.

1. Payment by bank debit or credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro):

To protect credit/debit card payment security, we use secure payment systems. The confidential payment data are transmitted directly and encrypted (SSL) to the financial entity. When you make the payment over a secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. The issuing bank will authorize the operation.

2. Payment by advanced transfer:

Payments by this system must be made through a Bank from the European Union, with all expenses and commissions paid by the customer, who must ensure that PL Online receives the full amount of the order, including postage and tax. Otherwise, regardless of the amount of difference, the order would be blocked pending their complete liquidation.

To pay for this system you should accept the order and must proceed to make the bank transfer to the recipient account holder to be entered in the time of purchase, for the full amount and within 4 days from the date of order, indicating in the concept YOUR NAME AND ORDER NUMBER.

We remind you that until you have completed the full payment, the order will not be processed and the products chosen are not reserved. If after a period of 4 days from the date of order, we have not the confirmation of the payment in our account your order would be annulled.

PL Online reserves the right to withhold any order for security reasons, in which case it will inform the affected customer. It also reserves the right to cancel an order if consider that is not possible to verify shipping and/or billing information or if we deduce possible intention of unauthorized resale purposes.

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The prices on our website are shown in Euros for all countries.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, any purchase made on our website is subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT) or any other tax or duty applicable according to the destination country. If you are a VAT taxpayer (businesses, entities, organizations, etc.) residing in the European Union and you have an intra-community Taxpayer ID Number, you will be exempt from paying VAT (not applicable for sales in Portugal) being necessary to send us a copy of the corresponding document by e-mail to:

The delivery charges are added in the purchase summary before payment. PL Online is not responsible for special rates, customs duties or additional delivery costs.

PL Online reserves the right to modify the prices shown on the website without prior notice.

Prices of our products will be as stipulated at any time on our website, except in the case of manifest error. Although we try to ensure that all prices listed on the pages are accurate, errors may occur. If we detect an error in the price of any products already ordered by you, we will inform you as soon as possible, giving you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you, the order will be cancel and any amounts paid will be reimbursed in full. We are not obligated to provide you any product at an incorrect lower price if the error in the price is obvious and unmistakable and could reasonably be recognized by you as an incorrect price.

All rights recognized by the applicable legislation are reserved.

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From our home screen, where you see the transition of images that link to different content, you can start browsing our shop without signing, which however is an essential requirement for processing any order in our online store.

At any time during your navigation you can return to this home page by clicking on our PACO LOBO logo in the upper band.

From the menu on the top line, present all time, you have access to our CATALOG, which contains all the product, by families and subfamilies, offered in this online store, being able to access to each one by pressing it with the cursor; Also from this menu you can choose between SPANISH / ENGLISH languages, to log in as user already registered or signing up on SIGN IN, view a summary of the items that have been added to your cart by overlaying/pressing the cursor in CART, or setting searches in our store.

From the menu at the bottom margin, you will have access to different information blocks:

- General information: About us, our activity with wholesalers, companies and shops, direct Contact Form and the present Guide to Navigation and Purchase.

- Legal Terms: With access to our General Terms and Conditions and direct links to our: Legal Notices, Privacy Policy and Data Protection, Cookies Policy, Shipping/Delivery times and Returns/Exchange Policy .

- My account: This is a section only operative for registered users, where they can to keep track of their orders and their history, favorite articles, review / modification of registration data, access to credit slips...

Finally, in the lower right margin, you have the option to directly access and follow us in our active social networks and select whether you want to sign up to receive our commercial newsletters.

Once you access any of the families or subfamilies from our CATALOG, you can see such products onscreen, with two display options and diverse criteria of ordering; you can also refine your search using the attribute filters on the left margin, setting the material, color, type and/or price range of your choice.

By clicking on each product you access to its page, that shows a bigger image with descriptive details, including the choice between various color options available. To see image in more detail, just overlaying the cursor over the image, a zoom is activated; You can also choose to see other images of the product from different approaches, pressing over the little images under the main one.

Once you have defined your interest, from this screen you can add the product to your shopping cart, on a quantity not exceeding the maximum set by article (see section ABOUT THE PRODUCTS in LEGAL TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS).

From this page you can also share our product in your social networks, send information to a friend or add the product to your favorites list. At the bottom of this item page, you can see also some proposals for other products related, going into their respective pages by clicking on them.

In the upper right of the items pages, there are cursors that allow you to move forward and/or backward to adjacent items pages, without need to return to the subfamily screen.

Even not being yet registered, the program will collect your product selection added to the cart, but to confirm your purchase is essential that you register.

Your selections will be reflected in the accumulated amount next to MY CART. To get details, you must click on that menu and you can view all the products preselected itemized. Here you can change quantities or delete those items you consider.

When you want to confirm your order, you must follow the steps in this screen, filling in the details of address, delivery (here appear the expected costs for the same depending on destination) and selecting the payment method. Here we ask you the acceptance of our Legal Terms and General Conditions governing this online shop, that we recommend you to review, as an indispensably step for being able to process any order.

Once completed your order and payment process will receive a confirmation of reception of your order proposal. If there is any incidence about availability of selected product, concerning destination, or any other issues, we will contact you; otherwise, within approximately delivery time established for shipment processing, you will receive our Delivery Confirmation with details thereof for monitoring.

Once you have logged in as a user, it is likely that your device keep opening your session, unless you specify otherwise, pressing the SIGN OUT option in the top menu, or in My Account, in lower menu.

For specific information about PAYMENT METHODS, SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES, RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY, or any other matter relating to purchases on our website, you can access to the relevant sections included in our LEGAL TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS or through any of its direct links.

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Besides all that is reflected in the T&C (LEGAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS) governing the right of access and use of services in our website, so we recommend you read them carefully, we stress the following provisions:


PL Online has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that all content in its website is accurate, nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that all information content will be always updated, complete or accurate, nor guarantee that the website not containing defects, errors on contents, or technical errors that could affect the availability or the continued operation of this website, and cannot guarantee the absence of viruses introduced by third parties that may affect this website or the software and hardware of users. We always will try to do everything to correct any possible technical errors, as soon as detected, but we insist to recommend that all users should ensure they have installed and updated an antivirus.

PL Online shall not be liable for financial loss (including lost income, profits, contracts, business or expected savings) or loss of good will or reputation or losses due to special or indirect damages suffered or incurred by users as a result of or in connection with these LEGAL TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS (hereinafter T&C). 

The above clause does not exclude or limit the liability of Online PL in cases where by law the liability cannot be excluded or limited. 

Users must assume their own liability for the uses they made of this website and all your communication and activity on it. If we find that some user is or has been linked to illegal activities, without respecting to other users, or that have breached these T&C, we will refuse access to this website temporarily or permanently. 

The content of this section does not affect your legal rights as a consumer, nor your right to terminate the Contract.


We shall not be held liable for any non-compliance or delay in compliance of any of the obligations assumed in a Contract, when the cause is due to events that are beyond our reasonable control ("Force Majeure"), that includes any act, event, lack of service, omission or accident, especially including (but not limited) the following: 

 ▫ Strikes, lock-outs or other protest measures. 

 ▫ Civil unrest, revolt, invasion, terrorist attack or terrorist threat, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war. 

 ▫ Fire, explosion, storm, flooding, earthquake, sinking, epidemic or any other natural disaster. 

 ▫ Inability to use trains, ships, aircraft, motor transport or other means of transport, whether public or private. 

 ▫ Inability to use public or private telecommunication systems. 

 ▫ Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions by other governments.

Our obligation to fulfill any Contract shall be understood to be suspended during the period in which the Force Majeure situation remains in effect, and we shall be granted an extension in the period of time stipulated to fulfill our obligation while such a circumstance lasts. In any case, we will do every effort to bring an end to the Force Majeure situation or to find a solution by any means that enable us to fulfill our obligations under the Contract, despite such situation of Force Majeure.


At our request, you agree to compensate us fully, defend us and hold us harmless immediately on demand, our officers, directors, agents, affiliates, licensors, and suppliers, from and against all liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and losses, including legal fees, arising from any breach of these T&C by you including the use by any other person accessing this website using your account as a result of your action or inaction.


You acknowledge and agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and PL Online as a result of these T&C or your use of this website. You agree that you may not and will not present yourself as a representative, agent or employee of PL Online and we shall not be liable for any representation, act, or omission on your part.


If you breach the T&C and we take no action against you, we will still be entitled to use our rights and remedies in any other situation where you breach our T&C.


These T&C are governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law. To the extent permitted by law, the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply and agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, for any actions and/or claims derived from the interpretation or enforcement of these T&C.

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