From our home screen, where you see the transition of images that link to different content, you can start browsing our shop without signing, which however is an essential requirement for processing any order in our online store. 

At any time during your navigation you can return to this home page by clicking on our PACO LOBO logo in the upper band. 

From the menu on the top line, present all time, you have access to our CATALOG, which contains all the product, by families and subfamilies, offered in this online store, being able to access to each one by pressing it with the cursor; Also from this menu you can choose between SPANISH / ENGLISH languages, to log in as user already registered or signing up on SIGN IN, view a summary of the items that have been added to your cart by overlaying/pressing the cursor in CART, or setting searches in our store. 

From the menu at the bottom margin, you will have access to different information blocks: 

- General information: About us, our activity with wholesalers, companies and shops, direct Contact Form and the present Guide to Navigation and Purchase. 

- Legal Terms: With access to our General Terms and Conditions and direct links to our: Legal Notices, Privacy Policy and Data Protection, Cookies Policy, Shipping/Delivery times and Returns/Exchange Policy . 

- My account: This is a section only operative for registered users, where they can to keep track of their orders and their history, favorite articles, review / modification of registration data, access to credit slips... 

Finally, in the lower right margin, you have the option to directly access and follow us in our active social networks and select whether you want to sign up to receive our commercial newsletters. 

Once you access any of the families or subfamilies from our CATALOG, you can see such products onscreen, with two display options and diverse criteria of ordering; you can also refine your search using the attribute filters on the left margin, setting the material, color, type and/or price range of your choice. 

By clicking on each product you access to its page, that shows a bigger image with descriptive details, including the choice between various color options available. To see image in more detail, just overlaying the cursor over the image, a zoom is activated; You can also choose to see other images of the product from different approaches, pressing over the little images under the main one. 

Once you have defined your interest, from this screen you can add the product to your shopping cart, on a quantity not exceeding the maximum set by article (see section ABOUT THE PRODUCTS in LEGAL TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS). 

From this page you can also share our product in your social networks, send information to a friend or add the product to your favorites list. At the bottom of this item page, you can see also some proposals for other products related, going into their respective pages by clicking on them. 

In the upper right of the items pages, there are cursors that allow you to move forward and/or backward to adjacent items pages, without need to return to the subfamily screen. 

Even not being yet registered, the program will collect your product selection added to the cart, but to confirm your purchase is essential that you register. 

Your selections will be reflected in the accumulated amount next to MY CART. To get details, you must click on that menu and you can view all the products preselected itemized. Here you can change quantities or delete those items you consider. 

When you want to confirm your order, you must follow the steps in this screen, filling in the details of address, delivery (here appear the expected costs for the same depending on destination) and selecting the payment method. Here we ask you the acceptance of our Legal Terms and General Conditions governing this online shop, that we recommend you to review, as an indispensably step for being able to process any order. 

Once completed your order and payment process will receive a confirmation of reception of your order proposal. If there is any incidence about availability of selected product, concerning destination, or any other issues, we will contact you; otherwise, within approximately delivery time established for shipment processing, you will receive our Delivery Confirmation with details thereof for monitoring. 

Once you have logged in as a user, it is likely that your device keep opening your session, unless you specify otherwise, pressing the SIGN OUT option in the top menu, or in My Account, in lower menu. 

For specific information about PAYMENT METHODS, SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES, RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY, or any other matter relating to purchases on our website, you can access to the relevant sections included in our LEGAL TERMS AND GENERAL CONDITIONS or through any of its direct links.


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