The PACO LOBO brand adopts the name of its founder, who started his career designing leather items and accessories around the mid-60s in Spain, where there was already a remarkable handicraft tradition, but then still depended on imported imagination in fields such as design.

This void prompted the challenge to propose, from our country, ideas that could compete with renowned foreign brands, trying to join quality craftsmanship with renovation, a goal happily achieved.  

Despite working in a world so close to fashion, this has never been the focus of priority work, dedicating all the creative effort to the design, whether or not coincident with the trends. As a result of this freedom, each item is treated as a unique work and this independence gives a recognizable identity to this brand’s products and a perception of timelessness to each one.

Over time, commercial proposal has been extended to other types of products apart from the collections of leather accessories, also incorporating other materials as textile, wood, metal, etc., according to the desired result in each case.

This project is born from admiration for a life and career conceived from the integrity, with a tireless and enthusiastic creative spirit that captures the essence achieving a balance aesthetic and functional in every object or space in which he intervenes. With the will to make endure this good work, Natalia, daughter of the founder and designer of this firm, proposes this web for commerce online, which includes in its opening a selection of the most successful small products of leathergoods.

It is only the beginning, for giving way later to new collections proposals, along with a review of the most representative designs in all materials that have left a pleasant memory among followers of Paco Lobo brand.


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